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If you are reading this, it is because you have an interest in Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC).  This page was developed to answer as many questions as possible about AFJROTC and to dispel any myths or rumors.  We hope you find the information on this page helpful!

What is AFJROTC?

To best answer this question it is easier to tell you what AFJROTC is not.  We are not a military recruiting program!  At no time are cadets in AFJROTC obligated to join the military.  Instead, AFJROTC is an incredible citizenship program founded on the mission “To develop citizens of character."

AFJROTC teaches you important skills and reinforces personal character traits to help you be more successful in life no matter the career path you choose.  These skills are based on the Air Force Core Values of “Integrity First. Service Before Self. Excellence In All We Do“.  You will learn aspects of leadership, followership, adherence to personal standards, teamwork, self-discipline, self-motivation, and many more!

Why should I join?

You will have multiple opportunities to participate in some very exciting Leadership Development Requirements (LDR), and Curriculum-In-Action (CIA) trips (in-state and out-of-state), and to give back to the community through numerous community volunteering events.   All of these reinforce the lessons you will learn in the classroom and provide you with opportunities to lead and learn among your peers.

What are LDRs and CIA trips?

These activities are our “hands-on” teaching tools that reinforce the importance of teamwork, service, positive attitude, hard work, and a positive image.  Below is a list of the LDRs available in the OK-81st:

Honor Guard (HG)/Sabers/Flag Corps: A group of select cadets who present and post the Colors at formal/informal events and participate in parades.  The HG performs at all home football/basketball games, EPS graduations, and many other high-visibility events in our local area. Our HG also includes a saber team that will serve at special events like football and basketball senior nights. Our flag corps is responsible for raising/lowering and folding ENHS flags each day.

  • Armed Drill (Blue Knights)/Unarmed Drill (Falcons)/Competition Color Guard: Three separate groups join to refine the complicated skills of military drill and promote esprit de corps. All teams compete in drill meets and some will participate in Edmond’s 4th of July parade. Our Blue Knights also perform at BALTO and future freshman night.

  • Physical Training (PT) Team: PT Team members participate in demanding physical exercises, encourage crowd participation at home football games, and compete in local area PT/Warrior Challenges. 

  • Aeronautics:  Members of this team, build/launch model rockets to earn their Rocketry Badge and compete for landing accuracy.  Other activities include virtual reality flight simulators, quadcopters, RC aircraft, small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS), and/or private pilot ground instruction.  When local Civil Air Patrol orientation flight hours are available, our cadets may earn a flight.

  • CyberPatriot:  Our cadets participate in the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition, sponsored by the Air Force Association (AFA). The competition puts teams of high school students in the position of newly hired IT professionals tasked with managing the network of a small company. In the rounds of competition, teams are given a set of virtual images that represent operating systems and are tasked with finding cybersecurity vulnerabilities within the images and hardening the system while maintaining critical services.  Teams compete for the top placement within their state and region. The top teams in the nation earn an all-expenses-paid trip in April to the Baltimore, MD/Washington DC area for the National Finals Competition, where they can earn national recognition and scholarship money.

  • StellarExplorers: This challenging online space system design competition involves all aspects of system development and operation.  Cadets provide their solutions to a typical space design problem, such as orbit determination, satellite component selection, and launch vehicle planning. Each scenario is outlined with the system’s mission and constraints.  Six rounds (3 practice and 3 qualification rounds). Semi-Finals are in March and the top 10 teams earn an all-expense-paid trip to the in April to compete for national honors and $500-$3000 individual educational grants.

  • JLAB: The Joint Leadership Academic Bowl team is a cadre-selected six-member team (4 primary members and 2 alternates) of Juniors and Sophomores.  There are three levels to the competition: Level I: November, Level II: February, and Level III: June (Washington, D.C.)  The team of cadets accomplishes this national competition during school hours on a school computer.  The JLAB questions are a mix of JROTC curriculum, English, Math, Science, and current events (international relations, politics, business, and science).

CIA trips are trips we make in and out of state.  Places you may get to see are iFly in Oklahoma City, the Stafford Air and Space Museum in Weatherford OK, Vance AFB in Enid OK, Tinker AFB, Lackland AFB in San Antonio TX, Johnson Space Center in Houston TX, United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, and Albuquerque, NM.

What about the curriculum?

AFJROTC is a fully (AdvancED) academically accredited and inclusive program that is open to all students in the 9th to 12th grades.  It is a four-year program for high school students. Each year is divided into three categories: 1st: Aerospace Science (40%); 2nd: Leadership Education (20%)/Drill (20%) and 3rd: Wellness/Fitness (20%). Major topics in the Aerospace Science curriculum include history, science, space, and optional studies. Major topics in the Leadership Education curriculum include Air Force customs and courtesies, cadet corps activities, time management, communication skills, life skills, leadership and management studies, drill and ceremonies, and wellness/physical training.

  • AS-100: Aviation History/LE 100: Traditions, Wellness, and Foundations of Citizenship

  • AS-200: Science of Flight/LE 200: Communication, Awareness Leadership 

  • AS-300: Exploring Space/LE 300: Life Skills and Career opportunities 

  • AS-400: Corps Management/LE 400: Fundamentals of Management

Do I have to wear a uniform?

The short answer is yes! All cadets are issued their uniforms in their first year in the program.  Cadets are required to wear the uniform for the duration of the school day on each Tuesday.  Additionally, cadets are expected to adhere to dress and appearance standards as outlined by the United States Air Force.  Remember, you are wearing the uniform that represents our affiliation with the United States Air Force.

How do I join AFJROTC?

If you live within the Edmond North High School district and you want to join AFJROTC, you simply need to add it to your schedule.  Current students of Edmond North may also join.  Whether you’re a current Edmond North student or in 8th grade, you will select “Aerospace Science 100” for an elective.  ALL first-year cadets will be placed in Aerospace Science 100 regardless of their grade level. If you have questions regarding how to join, email your school counselor.

What if I don’t live in the Edmond North school district?

Students who live outside the Edmond North High School district may still be a part of the AFJROTC program.  Students in the 8th grade in Memorial or Santa Fe districts or rising 9th and 10th-grade students at Memorial or Santa Fe may transfer to Edmond North on an ROTC Exception.  For more information, click here!

What else do I need to know?

If you are eager to learn, have a good attitude, want to be a part of a true team, and are willing to follow very reasonable personal grooming and uniform wear standards, you will be welcomed into the OK-81st!  AFJROTC is a place where you will not only start to grasp important life lessons, but you will truly feel a sense of accomplishment, belonging, and pride that comes with teamwork and success!

How do I get more information?

You may contact one of the AFJROTC instructors below and they will be happy to answer your questions:

Lt Col Ben Chown

Chief Master Sgt Corey Bown

Senior Master Sgt Roy Martos