Writing Center Hours

Writing tutors can help during tutorial or 7th hour as requested. Follow us and message us on Twitter to schedule an appointment @HuskyLibrary1. Don’t have a twitter? Email debbie.lozano@edmondschools.net or come by the library to set up an appointment.

How do I use the Writing Center?

  1. Stop by the Husky Media Center or tweet us to make an appointment. You must have a pass to come to the media center during closed tutorial.
  2. Bring your essay.
  3. Bring anything related to your essay. This may include the assignment sheet, guidelines, rubric, sources, and any planning or editing done at the point you come in.

Why should I go to the Writing Center?

The center can help you with essay planning, pre-writing, organizations, editing, and finding authoritative sources.

It helps to have another opinion and set of eyes to look at your paper. It can help with writer’s block and writing problems to discuss your writing with another person.