Regular attendance is an integral part of the learning process. The purpose of this policy is to provide uniformity of student attendance and the subsequent consequences for absenteeism among high schools in the Edmond District.

1. Students are allowed no more than nine (9) absences per class per semester. An absence is defined as missing more than fifteen (15) minutes of any part of class time. Parents are expected to notify the school when the student is absent within ten days. Parent phone calls or written notifications will be accepted for contact to the school.

2. Official documentation in the areas of medical, judicial, religious or family emergency must be submitted in order for the absence not to be counted toward the nine (9) absences per semester. A doctor’s release or court documents are examples of documentation that will not count against the nine (9) absences per semester.

3. On the tenth (10th) absence a student may receive a “no credit” on his/her transcript for the semester. If the student is passing at the end of the semester, he/she may receive a No Credit (N/C) for the class in which the absence limit has been exceeded. If he/she is failing, the failing grade will be recorded. In case of extenuating circumstances, the principal or his/her designee may intervene to award credit.

4. If the student chooses to continue not to attend class, then he/she will fall under the discipline policy and may be subject to disciplinary action for noncompliance with a school policy.

5. Three (3) tardies equal one (1) absence. A student is considered tardy if he/she is not in the classroom when the bell rings.