Welcome to ENHS STUCO!  Your source for leadership links, event calendars, ENHS living history and other fun stuff!

“The Student Council shall consist of senators, representatives, alternates, staff members, honorary members, and the elected offices of president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.”  –ENHS STUDENT COUNCIL CONSTITUTION

There are many ways to become involved with ENHS STUCO.  To join the 6th hour Leadership Class you must run in Student Council Elections during the Spring Semester.  There are 23 elected positions (4 officers & 19 senators) that represent the four grades of Edmond North.  The class also includes 7-8 “senators-at-large” who are selected by Mr. Hunter.

Another option for those interested in joining STUCO is to become a member of STUCO Staff.  As Dr. King said, “Anyone can be great because anyone can serve.” STUCO staff is a way for anyone in our school with a passion for showing school spirit, making friends, or just helping out to get involved.  To join, you simply need to attend one of the STUCO staff meetings held during Tutorial or see Mr. Hunter and ask how you can help!

Still another way to join is to become a 6th hour representative.  Elected by each 6th hour class at ENHS, representatives attend monthly meetings and share news and important dates to their fellow classmates.


Last but not least, becoming a BALTO candidate is another great way to work with Student Council.  BALTO candidates help raise money for our annual school fund-raiser in February.  This year-long commitment is a great way to meet people, help out a worthy cause, and show your school spirit.  Applications for BALTO candidates are usually made available in the first month of school.  Check with Mr. Hunter for more details!