Computer Programming Club


Sponsor Name Kimberly Press
Club Sponsor Email
Club President Officer Name Junwoo (Jake) Park
Club President Email
Club Description Computer Programming Club is for students to learn how to program games, websites, and other projects. Also, learn about variety of jobs related to computer science.
What kind of activities might the student get to experience being a member of your club? Travel, community service, field trips, etc. Students will have a chance to meet with computer science professors and other people and talk about how to prepare for their careers and college related to computer science. If possible, club members will have an opportunity to visit Hackathon and meet with other people who has same interest.
Is there a cutoff date when I can join the club? What is the date? October 1st
Does your club have dues? If so, how much are they and what is the deadline to pay? no
When does your club meet? 9/5/2017
Website na
Do you have a form the student needs to fill out to join your club? 9/5/2017
Facebook Page na
Instagram Page na
Twitter Page @ENHS_CPC
Video Link na