Sponsor Name Brian Hunter
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Club President Officer Name McKay Beard and Sydney Schuppan
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Club Description BALTO- Bring A Light To Others- is a club to help raise money for our philanthropy week in February. Through out the year, candidates help us raise money and school spirit to help give back to our community! BALTO is a great way to get involved and make a difference to a local non-profit organization.
What kind of activities might the student get to experience being a member of your club? Travel, community service, field trips, etc. Attending BALTO events, dressing up on dress up days, helping with decorating, selling food during BALTO week, and helping raise money!
Is there a cutoff date when I can join the club? What is the date? September 6th
Does your club have dues? If so, how much are they and what is the deadline to pay? just to help raise money for BALTO!
When does your club meet?
Do you have a form the student needs to fill out to join your club?
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