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Sponsor Name Rachel Tilley & Cara Bowerman
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Club Description The Husky Art Club is an organization committed to bringing the benefits of art to the entirety of the student body at Edmond North High School. All students, whether enrolled in an art class or not, are welcome to join. Our purpose is to enhance our passion and art knowledge as a whole community to bring the benefits of art, internal and external, to not only ourselves but to our school and as far as our impact will reach. As we grow in our experiences, so will our impact.
What kind of activities might the student get to experience being a member of your club? Travel, community service, field trips, etc. Together we will explore the present art culture through gallery visits and local art events. We will encourage art education opportunities through college workshops, mentorship programs, and volunteer work. We will organize our own activities on a small and large scale such as state contests and seasonal events. We will also take on school beautification projects such as landscaping projects, painting signs, murals, and collaborating with other organizations to help decorate the school.
Is there a cutoff date when I can join the club? What is the date? To join, dues must be paid by Sept. 18th
Does your club have dues? If so, how much are they and what is the deadline to pay? Yes, Art Club dues are $10. Due to the finance office by Sept. 18th.
When does your club meet? 9/5/2017
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