College Visits @ North 2018-2019

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays during tutorial from 9:35 – 9:55 am, college recruiters come to visit our students. These recruiters share information regarding their institution with our interested students. these scheduled visits are posted on the televisions and in the halls. Please get a tutorial pass from Sandi Lindsey in the counseling office if you are interested in visiting with one of these colleges.

Sept 6- Wichita State

Sept 7- University of Alabama

Sept 11- Hendrix College

Sept 12- OU

Sept 13- OSU

Sept 18- Oklahoma Christian

Sept 19- Johns Hopkins

Sept 26- OBU (OK Baptist University)

Sept 27- University of Rochester

Oct 2- UCO

Oct 3- University of Arkansas

Oct 4- TCU and University of Arkansas (Fort Smith)

Oct 9- OU (Senior Only)

Oct 11- OK City University

Oct 23- OSU (Senior Only)

Oct 30- Westminster College, MO

Oct 31- University of Tulsa

Nov 1- USAO

Nov 6- OK Christian- Jr’s and Sr’s

Nov 7- UCO

Nov 8- Grand Canyon University

Nov 13- OSU-OKC

Nov 14- OSU Seniors ONLY

Nov 15- OU

Dec 4- New York Film Academy

Dec 6- OSU

Dec 11- OK Christian