ENHS College Visits

Juniors will be allowed two days and Seniors will be allowed four days per year for college visits. These days will not be counted against exemptions or attendance. The student must have a parent call the attendance office on the day of the visit and provide documentation of the visit upon return to school.


College Visits @ North 2019-2020

College recruiters come to visit our students during tutorial from 9:35 – 9:55 am. These recruiters share information regarding their institution with our interested students.  Scheduled visits are posted on in the Counseling office, on the televisions and in the halls. Please get a tutorial pass from Amy Taber in the counseling office if you are interested in visiting with one of these colleges.

September College Visits

10th – Vanderbilt

11th – Washington Univ. St. Louis

12th – Wichita State

17th – OU

18th – OSU

19th – OKC Univ.

24th – Univ. of Science and Arts of OK

25th – OCCC

26th – UCO