Edmond North Counseling Center

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 Power-points listed below provide information presented by the ENHS Counseling office:

Seniors 2018 presentation – Presented to Seniors on September 6th with information regarding college searches, scholarships and the college application process.

FAFSA Fundamentals and Parent Information Night– Presented on September 14, 2017.  This OCAP presentation provides step by step information on how to apply for financial aid and scholarships. The Counseling Office also presented information on the college application process.

UCO Concurrent Information 2017 – Information presented on January 24th. This presentation has information specific to enrolling concurrently at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Edmond North Concurrent Information – Information presented on January 24th. this presentation has information specific to rules and requirements of Edmond North High School.

Questions to Consider When Choosing a College

Common App

All seniors filling out a common app should stop by the counseling office and pick up a Letter of Recommendation Questionnaire. This should be answered thoroughly, typed and turned back in at least 2 weeks or more prior to your deadline along with a resume.

Start early! Do not choose a college deadline if it falls within 2 weeks. For instance, if it is October 25th and you choose a college that has a November 1st deadline, your teachers and counselors do not have adequate time to write a good recommendation letter for you, not to mention there can be 10 – 20 other students with the same deadline that are in front of you.

You are responsible for reporting ACT scores to the schools listed on common app. They prefer an official ACT report, which is sent directly from ACT. You have the option to add up to 4 colleges for ACT to send your score to each time you test. We highly recommend you take advantage of this free service. Colleges will take the highest score you make. If you do not sign up for this service or need scores to be sent to more than 4 colleges, ACT charges $12 per report. See actstudent.org for information on how to send ACT reports.

If you have any questions please see Sandi Lindsey in the counseling office.

Recommendation Letters

If you need a recommendation letter for a college application or scholarship from your counselor, please come get the Letter of Recommendation Questionnaire from the counseling office. This will need to be returned typed before your counselor can write you a recommendation letter. They will also need a resume. Please allow 10 school days for your letter to be completed.

Did you move recently?

If so we will need a copy of your new lease or mortgage statement or deed and a utility bill or letter of service in order to update our records. This will also save time when verifying residency (with a current utility bill) on schedule pick-up day.

Transcript Requests

Current students can stop by the counseling office and fill out the Transcript Request form. Past graduates may call and request their transcript. Please allow up to 48 hours before picking up requested transcripts.

Driver’s Letter for Student Permit

Students that are testing to receive their permit must have a school letter proving enrollment and an eighth-grade reading proficiency. The letter is sealed by the school because the Department of Motor Vehicles asks for the original embedded seal. Therefore, we cannot provide the letter by fax or email. Your student may request and pick up their completed driver’s letter in their counseling center.

9th-grade students will need to request their form from the Freshman Academy office.

Their letter will be available in 24 hours unless otherwise advised. The letter is good for only 10 days.