Steps for Concurrent Enrollment

1. Apply and be accepted to the University.

2. Go to the preferred concurrent institution and complete the Concurrent Recommendation Form with your signature, parent signatures and classes that you will take at North for the Summer/Fall semester 2020.

3. Complete the ENHS Concurrent Enrollment Agreement. This form requires your initials, parent initials, signature and parent signature.

4. Once this is completed please print, scan or take a picture of all completed forms and email this to your North Counselor.

5. In the body of the email please include the classes you would like to take for concurrent enrollment.  See Edmond’s Board Policy for concurrent (pages 5,6,7).

6. Once this is all submitted your Counselor will review and send you the information for you to forward to your University. You will send the email yourself directly to your college connection. Below are the emails you may use to send your information directly.

UCO Jeremy Corley

OSU (Stillwater) Brett Rowe

OU Haley Lee

OCCC Xavier Jackson

Please allow Counselors two business days to respond and complete the process.

7. When you have enrolled in your classes, send a copy of your concise schedule to your Counselor (make sure your name, classes you are taking, time classes are scheduled and number of credits are visible).  This allows your Counselor to adjust your schedule accordingly. The Counselors do not know that the process is complete until this is on file.


Concurrent enrollment Parent Night Presentation Jan. 30, 2020

UCO Concurrent Ppt


Tuition & Fees

Eligible Oklahoma high school Juniors and Seniors will receive a tuition waiver for up to 6 credit hours (non-residents and Oklahoma high school juniors are not eligible for this waiver). This waiver is provided by the state for up to six credit hours per semester or summer session.

A high school senior is defined as a student who has completed their junior year but has not yet graduated from high school. There are no family income levels to qualify for this waiver. The waiver does not cover fees or the cost of books. 

Concurrent Enrollment students are not eligible for financial aid.

• Students considering concurrent enrollment MUST fill out a minimum 6-hour schedule at North. Do NOT reflect concurrent enrollment on your pre-enrollment form.

• ENGLISH – Students MUST complete 8 semesters of English credit to meet high school graduation requirements. Credit earned by taking the AP Language exam does NOT count towards the 8-semester requirement.


• GOVERNMENT – It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that U.S. Government is NOT taken concurrently due to recent changes in EPS graduation requirements for Government and Personal Financial Literacy.

• A student may NOT enroll in a concurrent course less than 2 credit hours

• Students must enroll in concurrent class times that do NOT conflict with their schedule at North. To best accommodate this, you MUST enroll in concurrent classes at the beginning or end of the school day. You are not allowed to take concurrent classes in the middle of the school day! Travel time MUST BE considered.

• A student taking one concurrent course will be scheduled in 4 consecutive hours at North. A student taking two concurrent courses will be scheduled in 3 consecutive hours at North.

• Senior students must have taken the ACT and scored a 20 or higher and have a 3.0 gpa

• Students will be required to report grades for concurrent courses weekly to the North Counseling Office.

• Students must apply online at After the application is complete, print off the Parent/Guardian and Counselor Approval Form and bring it to the counseling office. Your counselor will sign it and you will return it to UCO along with an official transcript and test scores.

Deciding what courses to take concurrently may require some research. You may want to consider the following:
1. Will the college of your choice accept concurrent credits?
2. Will each concurrent course transfer to your college? (For Example: You take a 3-hour Calculus I course and your college requires a 4-hour Calculus I course.)
3. Is the concurrent course required for your degree program?