Concurrent Enrollment 2023-2024

Edmond Public Schools Concurrent Night

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Steps for Enrollment:

Steps to Apply for Concurrent in EPS:

  1. Apply as a concurrent senior on the college’s website, pay the application fee.
    1. Pro-tip: Use your personal email address when applying.
  2. Set up your Parchment account at and send your transcript to the college or university.
  3. From, request your ACT scores to be sent to your college.
  4. Have your counselor approve your concurrent request (submit both forms at the same time).
    1. Print out the college’s concurrent permission form and take it to your counselor to sign, then submit that form to the college.
    2. Carefully read and sign the EPS Concurrent agreement and return to your counselor.

Schedules will be changed upon receipt and review of your official schedule from your college. 

Forms You Need:

College Concurrent Links

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Concurrent Enrollment: Concurrent enrollment is essentially dual enrollment where a student can take college level courses through an in-state university and earn High School and College credit at the same time. This can be done through virtual, in-person courses or courses offered on Edmond North’s campus. While your student will receive HS credit for their concurrent courses, remember that they are students of the college they are attending; therefore, grades and fees will need to be handled through the college and not Edmond North. 
  • What are the Admission Requirements:  To be admitted for concurrent enrollment Junior and Senior students must:
    • Have a 20 on their ACT or PreACT or a 1030 reading/math combined score on the SAT or PSAT.
    • Have a gpa of a 3.0 or higher. 
    • Seniors must have at least 19 credit hours prior to their senior year to take concurrent courses off campus. 

Please check with your college of choice for their specific concurrent admission requirements.

*Students must maintain a cumulative 2.0 gpa in concurrent courses to remain eligible in the concurrent enrollment program, per Oklahoma State Regents policy. If at any time the student’s GPA falls below a 2.0, they will no longer be able to take concurrent courses. 

  • Is there a cost involved: The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education pays for up to 18 hours of college tuition (not fees) for HS Seniors. However, students/families are responsible for all additional costs including fees, books, etc. Keep in mind that taking virtual courses may result in higher fees than taking courses on campus. Juniors are eligible for up to nine hours of tuition waiver for concurrent enrollment. Funding for juniors is not provided by the Legislature and is subject to institutional funding availability
  • How many classes can I take concurrently: Concurrent students may not exceed a full time college workload of 19 credit hours. Each high school course is equivalent to 3 college credit hours. 
  • When can I enroll in my classes: Most colleges will open enrollment in late April or early May for enrollment. 
  • Does EPS assist me with my classes or provide IT help: EPS will not provide the resources required to facilitate participation in concurrent courses. This includes computers, connectivity issues and user accounts. EPS district devices are filtered at the HS level, therefore, students may not have the accessibility to some college level digital resources. 

This is not a comprehensive list of questions and answers. Please refer to your agreement form and your student’s counselor for additional information. Also, keep in mind that your grades from concurrent courses will be reflected both on your high school and college transcripts. A student’s college transcript is permanent. A student’s grades impact their high school and college grade point averages (GPA), future financial aid eligibility, admission to institutions of higher education, and eligibility to continue concurrent college enrollment.