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AP Exam Schedule


Pre-AP/AP Program

The Pre-AP/AP Program is offered to further enhance students’ educational opportunities and to provide students with a variety of challenging course options that will prepare them for college and other post-secondary endeavors.

Founded by the College Board, (AP) is a collaborative effort of school districts, high schools, and colleges & universities. Courses are designed to include the curriculum and types of assignments that are expected in corresponding college courses. At the conclusion of each AP course, a standardized exam is administered to students. Many colleges and universities award college credit to students based on their exam performance.

Pre AP Courses:

Algebra I, II                                    Geometry
Biology                                             Oklahoma History
Chemistry                                        Spanish II, III, IV
English I, II                                     Trigonometry/PreCalculus
French III                                        German III

AP Courses:

Biology                                                Latin
Calculus AB, BC                                Music Theory
Chemistry                                           Physics I, C-Mechanics
Chinese                                               Psychology
Computer Science A                        Spanish Language
English Language                             Statistics
English Literature                             Studio Art 2-D, 3-D, and Drawing
Environmental Science                   Computer Science Principles
U.S. Government & Politics            Comparative US Gov & Politics
European History                             U.S. History
World History