In 1995, the Student Council at Edmond North created BALTO week. BALTO is an acronym that stands for the phrase Bring A Light To Others, and shares its name with the well-known husky sled dog, Balto, who was the heroic lead dog in delivering an important diphtheria prevention serum to Nome, Alaska in 1925. The spirit of Balto the dog is exactly what this week is all about–bringing light and changing lives. Twenty-five years later, BALTO is bigger and better than ever.

Since 1995, North has raised over two million dollars for BALTO recipients, including cancer patients, special education students, premature babies, local schools, the homeless, and many other worthy causes. BALTO Week is a week full of all sorts of exciting student-led activities, all of which directly benefit the recipient. Activities such as assemblies during school, night activities, food and clothing sales, collecting donations, and much more are all done in efforts to fundraise for the BALTO recipient.

When BALTO Week was first initiated in 1995, North’s goal was set at $5,000 to help a teacher with cancer.  Last year, $785,052 was raised for The Care Center. Each year, BALTO grows, and the light is able to spread further, to more people. BALTO 2020 marks the 25th year of fundraising at Edmond North High School, and the recipient is The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. The money raised will go towards the Field of Dreams at the Children’s Center. This field will be accessible for patients, their families, and the community, allowing patients to leave the walls of the hospital and enjoy outdoor games and activities, as well as participate in physical therapy.


MONDAY: Dress up as a past BALTO Theme

Example: Time/Decade, Star Wars, Disney, Peace Love BALTO (70s), Be Someone’s Hero, Dr. Seuss


TUESDAY: What will you look like in 25 years? (Future you)

Example: doctor, business owner, teacher, etc.


WEDNESDAY: Celebration day! (Holiday day)

Example: 4th of July, New Years Eve, Birthday, Christmas, Valentines day


THURSDAY: Blue vs Purple (versus assembly)

Underclassmen: BLUE

Upperclassmen: PURPLE