The construction of our new stadium is nearing the final stages, which means our parking lot is going to be impacted again to start building the entrance to the stadium.

New Stadium Under Construction

Please read the following important information about parking and look at the attached map to understand the expectations for pick-up and drop-off on campus. These changes will start on Monday, March 26th – the Monday after Spring Break.

North Construction Parking Map


Drop off from Thomas Street: If you drop off in front of the Freshman Academy or Auditorium, you will need to enter and exit off Thomas. The exit on Thomas will be a right turn only. 

Drop off from Fretz Street: If you drop your student off on the West side of campus, you will need to enter and exit off Fretz. There will be a designated area for you to turn around to exit on Fretz.


We will lose some student parking spaces in this construction area. Senior students who have been parking in the new construction area will need to find another space in the East Lot (across Thomas) if they are unable to find a space in the West Lot (Senior Lot). Students who have purchased parking stickers will still be able to park on campus as normal they just will not have access to the parking in the
new construction area.

OFF CAMPUS PARKING (Effective Immediately)

Students who are NOT registered to park on campus and choose to drive to school will need to continue parking at Revive Church. Students who park at Revive Church will need to park in a parking space. The church still needs to be able to serve and function during the day. If the lot at  Revive is full, students will need to go park at Hobby Lobby.

If students continue to misuse the parking lot at Revive Church, we will no longer be allowed to use their parking lot. They will shut down their parking lot and will start towing cars.

Hobby Lobby Parking
Hobby Lobby has now graciously offered for us to use the North end of their parking lot for student parking. Students who park at Revive Church or Hobby Lobby will need to come to the office and fill out the form in the office and put a free sticker on their car (lower front driver side window) so we are able to identify Edmond North cars.

If students park at Johnnie’s or Schlotzsky’s, their cars WILL BE TOWED. Revive Church and Hobby Lobby are the only businesses who have agreed to let us use their parking lots.


There are NO MORE parking spaces available on campus. All students who are obtaining their license this spring will need to get a free sticker and park at Revive Church or Hobby Lobby, continue riding the bus or continue getting a ride to school.
Parking spaces are no longer for sale or available on campus. If your student chooses to drive to school and park at Revive Church or Hobby Lobby, please remind
them to be mindful and respectful of our neighbors’ parking lots.


Students are welcome to park on campus after 2:30pm without a parking permit. Students who have after school activities are encouraged to move their vehicle on campus after the bell rings at 2:30pm to prevent having to walk to their cars after hours.


Thank you for your patience and understanding as we endure many changes on our campus. We understand this can be an inconvenience and we greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Please contact the office if you have any questions about parking.