Schedule Changes will be considered for the following:

  1. Open Period
  2. Changing or dropping sports
  3. Repeated course
  4. Change in daily schedule (i.e. change from 1-7 to a 2-7, etc)

Class size and teacher load will determine schedule change opportunities.

NO accommodations will be make for the following reasons:

  1. Change a teacher
  2. Change the time you have a class
  3. Change lunches

If you have one of the accepted schedule change situations, please email your counselor with the details of your request.

Patty Bray, Freshman counselor:

Amy Hanson, Grades 10-12, last initial A-E and Francis Tuttle students:

Shawna Nord: Grades 10-12, last initial F-Mj:

Stephanie Locke, Grades 10-12, last initial Mk-Z: