Welcome to the Husky Nation!

Welcome to Edmond North High School. Our mission statement is “the relentless pursuit of excellence in scholarship, leadership and service.” This vibrant academic community has embraced this mission with a 24 ACT average, more than $280,000.00 raised for charities, and state championship after championship. We put forth our best efforts in everything we do.

It is truly an exciting time to be at Edmond North. We are at a key moment in our brief history when significant opportunities and challenges abound, as do the passion and enthusiasm to address them, In my interactions with the students and faculty who make up our academic community, I am continually reminded of the creativity, energy, and spirit of collaboration that preside over intellectual life here. Across all disciplines, Edmond North students are posing the tough questions and pursuing the innovative solutions that will shape the future. In doing so, they follow in the footsteps of the illustrious alumni who have gone before them. Edmond North is, and has been for over a decade, a place where the intellectual spark is vital and nourished.

Whatever your interest in our community, I invite you to get to know the Edmond North that I have gotten to know. Talk to students and faculty. Tour our beautiful campus. Learn what we value, what we celebrate, what makes us unique. In short, come see all that Edmond North has to offer. We are proud to share it with you.


Jason Pittenger